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Are you looking for a fun way to learn natural English, including idioms and slang? You can stop searching because now you’re here. Culips English as a second language (ESL) podcast is for people who want to have fun while learning natural, everyday English, focusing on idioms, expressions, and slang. Every week we have a new, free audio episode available on our site and through iTunes. In all our episodes, we always speak English as it’s actually used in day-to-day life, and we give you plenty of explanations of new or interesting terms along the way.

Our English language podcast is for learners of all levels and ages. Each episode takes you out of the classroom and introduces you to common slang, natural expressions, and interesting vocabulary. Culture is also an important part of Culips, and we want you to get to know us!

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By becoming a member of Culips English Podcast, you can learn even more from each episode. Culips Members have access to extra learning materials. As a member, you’ll get a written transcript for each of our episodes, so you can follow along while listening or review the text separately. You’ll also get detailed explanations of new or interesting vocabulary, with additional examples and cultural advice. Afterwards, you can take the quiz for each episode to see how much you’ve learned. And of course, our English podcast is designed to help you with your listening comprehension too!

Latest Episode:

An interview with Jessica: Part 2


esl podcast interview with Jessica

In this special two-part Chatterbox episode (this is part 2), Andrew talks with Jessica from All Ears English. Join them for their conversation about the IELTS exam, test preparation, and the importance of setting long-term goals. If you plan on taking a standardized English test at some point in the future, don’t miss either part of this episode!

The Culips Membership Program

btn-register Culips’ award-winning ESL podcasts are FREE to download here at our website or through iTunes. Listen to them at home, on the bus, at the gym, or anywhere you’d like!
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For a small monthly membership fee, you’ll get access to the Learning Materials written materials that support each and every episode of our podcast. [Free Learning Material Samples]
The Learning Materials for each episode include:

  • a transcript of the show
  • detailed explanations for many of the words and phrases used in the episode
  • further information about related topics that were not covered in the show
  • and a quiz to help you test your understanding of the things discussed in the podcast

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Culips – ESL Site of the Year 2009

siteOfYearThe Culips site has been chosen as EnglishClub.com’s “ESL Site of the Year” for 2009! Everyone at Culips is honoured by this special award. We thank English Club for its recognition and thank our listeners for their support.